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Order My Healthy Chihuahua™ on Monthly Autoship and not only will you have peace of mind that you will never run out of My Healthy Chihuahua™ but you’ll receive an extra bonus of paying 10% less than if you just bought a 30 day supply.

And it gets even better…

When you choose our Monthly Autoship option we’ll give your Chihuahua FREE membership to our Chihuahua Health Club! As part of this exclusive club, your Chihuahua will receive a complimentary Chihuahua Health Club tank top as well as other gifts and benefits throughout the year. Our Chihuahua Health Club Tank Tops come in Baby Blue for the boys and Baby Pink for the girls!

About My Healthy Chihuahua™

My Healthy Chihuahua™ is the first and only Multi-vitamin and mineral supplement developed specifically for the health needs of Chihuahuas. As you know Chihuahuas are a special breed. What you might not know is that there are certain health issues that Chihuahuas are more predisposed to than other breeds. My Healthy Chihuahua™ helps to support the areas affected by these issues including the skin, teeth, joints, eyes, bones and digestive system.

Other Multi-vitamins are developed without any particular breed in mind. My Healthy Chihuahua™ was developed with the understanding that a Chihuahua has requires different levels of vitamins and minerals to other dogs. It also comes in soft chew form which has been sized for the delicate mouth of a Chihuahua.

If you’ve had problems getting your Chihuahua to take supplements in the past then don’t fear. The soft My Healthy Chihuahua™ chews taste great and your Chihuahua will love them!

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Chihuahua Health Club

The Chihuahua Health Club™ is an exclusive club. Members wear their Health Club tank tops with pride as a badge of honor. They strut their stuff with a confident air that oozes class. Would you like your Chihuahua to be considered for membership of this exclusive club? Click on the 'Read More' button below to discover how your Chihuahua can qualify from FREE membership to the Chihuahua Health Club.

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Rancho De Chihuahua

The fact that your on this site means your Chihuahua is very lucky but not all Chihuahuas are as fortunate as yours. That's why a portion of every sale of My Healthy Chihuahua™ goes to the Rancho de Chihuahua sanctuary. Rancho de Chihuahua (RDC) is a 5013C non-profit dog sanctuary which rescues special-needs, elderly, and challenged dogs who need long and short term rehabilitation on their way to ‘adoptability.’

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Chihuahua Health Issues

Did you know that different breeds of dog are predisposed to different health issues? Well Chihuahuas are no exception and have certain conditions that they are predisposed to. That's one of the reasons that we developed the My Healthy Chihuahua Multi-vitamin and Mineral. Isn't it better to give your Chihuahua a supplement that helps support its body against the specific predispositions that Chihuahuas have?

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